July 8, 2016 : Live taping ESP TV, SAW Video Ottawa

Generative installations
RhizoGeographicum, Generative audiovisual environment (Gallery Stratford, September— November 2016)
Carbon Sugar Air, Streaming generative/performative audiovisual installation (NAISA Deep Wireless Festival, online January 2017)
Xanthoria Elegans, Generative audiovisual environment (Centre d'Exposition art-Image Gatineau, March—May 2017)

Research/production residencies
Grass Pillow (Biospheric), Sensory acuity/natural history intensive (Vancouver Island, May 2017)
Grass Pillow (Telematic), Telematic and networked practice, workshop performances (DAÏMÕN , Hull QC, October 2017)
Skin of skin, Performance environment for gesture-controlled analog/digital audio, acoustic oscillators, and generative 3D visual score. (SuddenlyLISTEN, Halifax, November 2017)

SOUVENIR :: Generative installation @ ARCAC Annapolis Royal

Spatial improvisation residency @ DAÏMÕN, with Craig Pedersen and Linsey Wellman

CITIZEN :: Generative transforms of residents' portraits, Toronto